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Industrial projects range from simple shell buildings to complex manufacturing facilities. Regardless of the scope, Cook Associates Architects leverages strong professional partnerships and humbly asks difficult questions during the programming phase to develop a clear understanding of the client’s needs and wants. The firm then critically considers the day to day operations and technical requirements of the clients for which they design. Cook Associates then assembles this information into innovative brick and mortar solutions that align with and support the client’s business.


Cook Associates Architects applies their aptitude for aesthetics, ergonomics, and efficiency when designing office spaces. The firm’s catalog of projects consists of new construction, tenant remodels, and tenant improvements for a wide spectrum of business entities. Whether it is a single office in an existing warehouse or an entire complex for a sophisticated medical operation, Cook Associates creates an environment that maximizes productivity and enhances well-being for all who engage the space.


Retail projects are an emerging component of the Cook Associates Architects’ portfolio. As existing clients expand into the retail sector, Cook boldly grows with them. These holistic relationships allow the firm to seamlessly integrate their existing knowledge of the client’s processes and culture into new outlets. The resulting architecture consistently reflects the client’s core values and brand while creating an inviting shopping experience.


Educational facilities encompass private, non-profit, special needs, day care, and other non-public entities. Special needs facilities, in particular, require careful attention to the teaching programs and methods. With experience on several new and renovated educational facilities, the Cook Associates team has developed an acute awareness for architectural solutions that are conducive to the learning process for people of all ages and abilities.


Cook Associates Architects understands that church liturgies, laws, and belief structures are integral to the design solution. This can be as simple as connecting the church heritage to the architectural solution through an iconic symbol. In other instances, the architecture may be far more enmeshed in the practices of the church. Aside from the architectural design, the community-oriented firm has served on various building and property committees within the local church community.

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