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Cook Associates Architects embarks upon a plethora of custom home sizes and styles where attention to architectural appropriateness is evident in every detail. Projects range from fully accessible bathroom renovations to brand new hillside Paradise Valley residences. The firm closely studies the geographical and cultural context as they relate to the project to create a richly personalized, multi-sensory experience. Cook Associates finds greatest satisfaction in tackling the challenge of remodels and additions. Without the blank slate of new construction, the firm is required to understand and respect the existing style and structure while incorporating the current program. 

Historic Preservation

Similar to Custom Projects, Historic Preservation requires an impeccable attention to detail. However, Historic Preservation projects have additional dimensions of both architectural design and government agency. While most of the firm’s Historic Preservation projects are residential, their portfolio also includes worship and mid-century commercial. Cook Associates spends time educating owners on the importance of restoring or retaining the historical fabric. Each detail must be considered so that crucial elements are not dismissed or destroyed. The due diligence afforded by the small firm delicately guides the Preservation process through to the end.

Affordable Housing
Cook Associates Architects recognizes that affordable housing is more than just cost-effective construction. The firm spends significant time partnering with local non-profit organizations to understand the socio-economic dynamics of the community and assist in multiple layers of financing. The firm has a long standing history of rejuvenating Phoenix neighborhoods, starting with the Coronado Neighborhood in the late 1970s. Architecturally, Cook Associates understands the materials and efficiencies to apply to affordable housing projects, never compromising where it matters most. The firm’s house plans and local partnerships have been regarded by President Obama as a model for quality construction and sustainable communities in the greater Phoenix area. 


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